Google Flights vs. Kayak – which one is better?

Booking a flight online can prove very challenging especially if you are using the wrong search engine. Different flights charge different prices, comparing these prices manually from different airlines is time-consuming. This is where the services of a good travel search engine come in. If you book your flights online then you must be familiar with both Google Flights and Kayak. The two offers almost the same prices it is the few distinctive features that help us come up: with an outright winner. Google Flights vs. Kayak; which one is better? Let’s answer the question together.

Google Flights

Everything you need to know about Google Flights

  • Google Flights integrates well with most browsers making it load instantly even with average speed internet connection. This might seem minor but the speed matters especially when you are on the last minute rush.
  • Google Flights gives comprehensive details in form of a graph comparing prices over a period of time. This graph advises you on the cheapest day to travel.
  • Compare prices from different airline giving you an opportunity to book your flight with the cheapest airline.
  • In a single search, Google Flights supports multiple destinations and departures in a single search.
  • Here comes a feature that no other travel search engine has. The ability to predict flight delays is only available on Google Flights.
  • In instances where you traveling by train is cheaper and faster, Google Flight will notify you. I don’t know how this is useful if when you want to take a flight but nevertheless I have seen reviews on people appreciating this feature.
  • When you have decided on the flight you can’t book it directly on Google Flights, you are directed to the airline website as a referral.


Everything you need to know about Kayak

  • Kayak always find the cheapest prices compared to other travel search engines. This is attributed to the fact that Kayak helps in searching through hundreds of airlines coming up with the best prices given your destination.
  • Kayak is suitable for all sorts of flights be it a business trip, weekend getaway or family vacation.
  • Allows you to see the entire trip in a single search! If you have used other engines you must know how much this is of a big deal.
  • Has more search filters allowing you to search through for a specific flight.
  • Allows you to not only book flights but you can also book accommodation directly on kayak.
  • Kayak has a poor customer service this is evidenced by the negative reviews online.

Why Google Flights has an upper hand over Kayak

This was a close call but either way there had to be a winner and in this case, the outright winner is Google Flights. Compared to Kayak, Google Flights has two useful unique features that make it have an upper hand on Kayak. These features are predicting delays and offering comprehensive details on the trend of ticket prices in a given duration of time.

There you have it. Google Flights is actually better than Kayak!