Top 3 Chrome Extensions for Budget Shoppers

In recent years online shopping has gained more grounds not only in the US but to the whole world in general. More people prefer to shop online perhaps due to the fact that it’s convenient. The luxury to compare prices from leading stores within a few minutes without necessarily having to move an inch, taking advantage of available deals and discounts and having the product delivered on your doorstep is what makes online shopping irresistible.

Such kind of milestone doesn’t come with its own challenges. There are dozens of shopping stores in which you can shop, the prices slightly vary but it is the few dollars you save from such opportunities that make up your savings. It is not easy to navigate through these stores well, not unless you are using the best chrome extensions for online shoppers.

The following is a comprehensive list of the top 3 chrome extensions favoring online shoppers.

1. Honey

Honey is a chrome extension have not been in the market for long but for those who have had the privilege to use it can attest to the fact that it is the best extension if you want to save a dollar or two when shopping on Amazon. Basically, what this extension does is that once you have selected the items you want to shop for on Amazon, the extension will automatically notify you if there are other stores selling the same product at a cheaper price. This will save you precious time that you could have used to compare prices from different stores. The fact that they will also notify you whether there are available coupons or deals is what earned this Honey the top stop in our list of the best chrome extension for budget shoppers. It has roughly 10 million subscribers and this is an extension I highly recommend.

2. Fast eBay Search

There is no debate on the fact that eBay is one of the leading online stores in the world if not the best. Fast eBay Search chrome extension helps you navigate through eBay with easy. This helps in saving time and, that’s not the only benefit you derive from using Fast eBay Search, you shall also be notified if there are any deals or coupons on the products in your shopping list. The only limitation of using this extension is the fact that you can only use it when shopping on eBay. Neither way has it made the cut of the best chrome extensions for a budget shopper.

3. PriceBlink

PriceBlink chrome extension runs on the background and only pops out when you search for items to shop. This particular extension is not affiliated to a particular online store. This is a huge advantage since the extension will notify you on where you can get a particular product with the cheapest price. It also gives detailed information in form of a graph showing the price trend of a given product in different stores. Check it out this might be the key to increasing your savings.